Our Services

Although Magnum Energy Solutions is both a manufacturer and integrator of building automation and control systems, we do have valuable and strategic partnerships with other companies that allow us to provide an additional wealth of value support and services. We recognize our customers require a range of energy related solutions and we want to provide them with our unparalleled support.

Engineering Design Services

Although Magnum pulls from a plethora of various products to integrate into building control solutions, our team can also provide valuable engineering design services where necessary. If there is a need to improve product design and reliability or improve efficiency and reduce costs further, Magnum Energy Solutions has the capability to provide this kind of unique service. We recognize there are times when innovative products need to be designed and manufactured and we have the resources to achieve one-of-a-kind solutions.

We offer a wide variety of engineering services, including:

  • Software development
  • Product design and development
  • CAD/CAM drawing services
  • Prototype builds
  • Reverse engineering

Systems Integration

Magnum Energy Solutions has the technological depth and facilities management expertise to provide our customers with the right system for their technological, economic and energy related needs. Our team helps to custom design an integration solution to meet your business and buildings needs. With our Venergy software platform we can tie all devices together seamlessly and we can ensure the interoperability of any and all EnOcean enabled products, including switches, sensors and thermostats. Our custom integration and software enabling results in:

  • Asset protection
  • Technology advancement
  • Open systems based platform
  • Web based monitoring and control
  • Remote commissioning and management
  • Single point of control
  • Certified Tridium system integration

Concept Ideation

There is a definite entrepreneurial spirit embedded in the management team at Magnum Energy Solutions and their parent company MST. When tasked with a challenge our team has the ability to create multiple thematic and conceptual solutions for an established opportunity that requires more than the standard, off the shelf solution. The process of concept ideation includes:

  • Brainstorming
  • Investigating potential options during discovery
  • Research related products and industries to determine synergies
  • Validate feasibility of design production
  • Generating product theme

This creative process allows us to pull collective expertise and creativity from our own team and our partners and results in the ability for our clients to take their products to market faster.