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Residential Homes and Communities

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Magnum Energy Solutions LLC provides self-powered, wireless, in-room energy management solutions to residential customers. We strive to provide the most cost effective and latest technology to our residential customers, offering them the ability to significantly reduce their energy consumption.

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Magnum Energy Solutions features their Venergy home energy management system as a complete home automation solution. The Venergy system allows homeowners to control all the lights in their home from a series of self-powered switches, thermostat control and electronics connected to the Venergy outlet. Homeowners can add system functionality through the Venergy software, including:

  • Audio/Visual/Entertainment
  • Security system
  • Cameras
  • Real time smart energy monitoring

Magnum's Venergy System allows the homeowner to realize benefits in both new construction and retrofit scenarios, including:

  • Wireless Venergy system reduces construction costs associated with wiring
  • 100% whole house dimming
  • Switches can be placed anywhere in the house and moved as needed
  • Terminate standby power to electronics with the Venergy outlet
  • Turn on lights, control temperature and monitor your home with your smart phone
  • Installation is simple and extremely affordable

Together, homes and buildings consume more than a third of the energy used in the United States today. The average home spends 11 percent of its electric bill for lighting. With electricity rates increasing, the time has come for energy efficient home improvements.

Implementing an energy management solution can result in:

  • 15% cost savings in new construction
  • 70% cost savings in retrofits
  • 40% energy savings
  • Unlimited flexibility