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Hotels and Resort Communities

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Magnum Energy Solutions LLC provides self-powered, wireless, in-room energy management solutions to hotel and resort communities. We strive to provide the most cost effective and latest technology to our hospitality customers, offering them the ability to significantly reduce their energy consumption and their impact on the environment.

On average, America's 47,000 hotels spend $2,196 per available room each year in energy. This represents about 6 percent of all operating costs. Energy efficiency, like that provided by a wireless energy management solution, provides hotel owners and operators with cost savings that benefit the bottom line. In room energy management also enhances guest comfort, and demonstrates a commitment to climate stewardship.

At Magnum Energy Solutions we recognize that guest satisfaction is the number one priority in the hospitality sector, and hotel operators are hesitant to engage in anything that could be perceived as sacrificing comfort or convenience to the guest.

Taking all of this into consideration, the team at Magnum developed the turnkey Venergy Control System to manage energy consumption in hotels, motels, and time- share guest rooms. Venergy provides an innovative approach to reducing a hotel's energy costs by a fully integrated wireless, battery-less energy harvesting control system.

In a typical hotel system, a keycard access switch is used in conjunction with the standard guest room keycard, which controls the HVAC, switches, and plugs. Furthermore, the Venergy System provides 100% dimming for any installed Magnum light switch. This results in dramatic energy savings and extended bulb life. Since all switches can be relocated, the hotel can change switch locations at any time.

Benefits of Venergy to Hoteliers:

  • Installation takes 30 minutes on average per room
  • Substantial savings in cabling and no batteries
  • Complete flexibility of device placement
  • No building mess or rework
  • Maintenance free, hassle free
  • Works with all types of HVAC and voltages
  • Wireless front end system
  • No range limit with LAN gateways
  • Environmentally friendly solution

The Venergy Control System helps hotels comply with energy standards, including Title 24 and ASHRAE/IESNA standard 90.1, and can be used as part of the LEED certification on commissioned projects.