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Commercial and Retail Businesses

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Magnum Energy Solutions LLC provides self-powered, wireless solutions to commercial and retail businesses. We strive to provide the most cost effective and latest technology to our commercial customers, offering them the ability to significantly reduce their energy consumption and their impact on the environment.


There are more than 4.86 million commercial buildings in the United States with an average size of 14,700 square feet. The U.S. adds about 110,000 buildings annually, which is roughly half a million buildings every five years. Even with this significant growth, there are still relatively few green buildings. With the recent economic downturn, fewer and fewer buildings are being constructed. In turn, leaving owners of existing buildings to find ways to retrofit their structures for improved energy efficiency.

Our team at Magnum Energy Solutions can help you and your business understand more about the options you have to increase your buildings energy efficiency. With energy representing as much as 30 percent of a building's operating costs, energy efficiency investments in wireless building technologies have the ability to offer paybacks of less than 2 years.

Commercial buildings have a number of subsystems. These neccessary subsystems include security, lighting, elevators, safety, and HVAC. Magnum's integrated and comprehensive building automation solution eliminates the need for costly and hard to maintain gateways, while offering a single, user- friendly interface. The Venergy solution provides a simple, easy to use and low cost installation that can achieve energy savings immediately.

Embedded technology is the heart of our open system, delivering such benefits as:

  • Lower installation and lifecycle costs
  • Greater expandability & flexibility
  • Significant energy savings
  • Ability to commission new devices remotely
  • Ability to oversee multiple sites from a central location